$40 to enter Deadline October 1, 2017 
1st Place $200  *    2nd Place $100   *  3rd Place Trophy Only


Fantasy: extravagant and unrestrained imagination. Wondrous or strange fancies”


NATURE Elements of the natural world including plants (ie flowers, trees and more), birds, fish or animals, mountains and/or rivers, and other parts of earth’s ecosystem.” Let your imagination be your guide using hair as your medium to express a fantasy hair and makeup designed inspired by


One model is allowed for this competition. All work must be done prior to judging. You may do finishing touches at the venue.

Wigs and Prosthetics are allowed, this is a Total Look Competition

MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 10 CONTESTANTS TO WIN MONETARY FUNDS, IF NOT TROPHIES ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS.  Only 12 contestants per category. Entry Options, pay $40.00 or sell 4 tickets.and receive 2 extra tickets to sell or giveaway. Thank You for Entering, Respect the Brand and the Competitions by not selling them over $12.00.

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