This is for any barber that feels their art duplication is the BEST.

Barbers will be judged on how precise to the image given the cut is.

Barbers will have to replicate the image given and add your own flair to it if they want. You May Use Color but  No pre-cuts.  45 min to 1 hour to complete depending on complexity of design.  

Barbers will be judged on similarity, precision ,and overall cut.

45 Min Best Duplicate Design

           $80 to enter Deadline October 1, 2017 
1st Place $500  *    2nd Place $250   *  3rd Place Trophy Only

MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 10 CONTESTANTS TO WIN MONETARY FUNDS, IF NOT TROPHIES ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS.  Only 12 contestants per category. Once payment is received we will issue you 3 tickets as a Thank You for Entering, Respect the Brand and the Competitions by not selling them over $12.00.

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