$80 To Enter Deadline Oct 1, 2017

MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 10 CONTESTANTS TO WIN MONETARY FUNDS, IF NOT TROPHIES ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS.  Only 12 contestants per category. Once payment is received we will issue you 3 tickets as a Thank You for Entering, Respect the Brand and the Competitions by not selling them over $12.00.

​By Registering you agree to Adhere to all the rules.

This competition is for natural hair stylists with a creative spirit.

You will have to manipulate your models hair into a creative work of art.  

Color enhancements are allowed before and during the competition.

Pre-Constructed attachments are allowed to be added only during the competition.

Model will be judged on creativity, difficulty, and overall look.

25 MIN LOC DESIGN - Live on Stage

1st Place $500  2nd Place $250  3rd Place Trophy only